AUG 23rd-24th 2019

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We are holding Show and Shine competitions on both days of the event. Participants who register will gain access to the event for one - the driver of the vehicle - and the ability to participate on either or both days. Those who pre-register prior to July 1st will be entered into the prize drawings. We are doing drawings on both days of the event: five participants will receive $100 dollar prizes on each day.

Registration for this event is closed.


There are five categories in this years event: Modern Modified, Offroad/Ugly, Vintage Stock, Vintage Modified, and Full Size. In addition, there will be a popular ballot for a People's Choice Award on both days of the event. You will receive a ballot to participate when you check in. We have a lot of ballots to count, so we will only know the results for the People's Choice Award on Saturday. The criteria for the judged categories are as follows:

  1. Modern Modified: Coil Springs - TJ/JK/JL models. This may also be referred to as "Street Modified."
  2. Off-Road/Ugly: All years and models may participate.
  3. Vintage Stock: Leaf Spring, CJ/YJ models. The vehicle must have original suspension, engine, tires, transfer cases, interiors, and so on. Electrical system upgrades are allowed.
  4. Vintage Modified: Modifications include lifts, engine swaps, larger tires, different wheels, changed interiors, and/or swapped transmissions.
  5. Full Size: Models J10-J20, Grand Wagoneer, and other full-size models.

If you are still unsure as to which category your vehicle belongs, please contact us prior to registering.


We have room for approximately 200 vehicles, subject to change. We may close registration earlier if limits are exceeded. Those who register accounts online are asked to respect a five vehicle limit per account. We nevertheless recommend that couples with separate vehicles and groups create accounts for individual participants to simplify check-in.

  • Friday: We will draw five $100 cash prizes for pre-registered participants. We will also announce our own Top Five Picks for the day!
  • Saturday: We will have the same drawing and Top Five Picks as before. We will announce winners for the People's Choice Awards. For the five judged categories, we will announce the winners for both Friday and Saturday: there will be a First Place and Runner Up for each category.

  • Until July 1st, the price will be: $60/vehicle. This includes 2-day admission for the driver and entry into the prize drawings.
  • After July 1st: If we still have availability, prices may be subject to change. Admission will still be included, but entries into the prize drawings will be closed.

Check-In Information

We will have more details concerning check-in closer to the day of the event. The City of Pigeon Forge is constructing a new lot adjacent to the center, which may affect the flow of check-in and where the designated Show and Shine area will be located. We will have more details closer to the day of the event. Those who pre-register will be notified via social media and email with additional information as it becomes available.

Changes and Refund Policy

Registration forms completed and paid for are final: they cannot be changed or refunded. Please contact us if your submitted forms contain errors.

Great Smoky Mountain Jeep© Club Invasion

The Jeep© Club Invasion gathers thousands of Jeep© enthusiasts to the beautiful Smoky Mountains every year. Over 16,000 people and 8,000 Jeep© vehicles were in attendance, and we are seeing more interest than ever. Our 7th annual event will be held August 23rd-24th, 2019, at The LeConte Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We will be featuring over a hundred vendors within and outside of the Center. Additionally, we are holding a variety of events, including a Show and Shine competition for those wishing to impress with their build. We are also a proud sponsor of Smoky Mountain Service Dogs, a charity which provides specially trained service dogs to disabled veterans.

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